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Together with @NsN we started a new project, the project CSGO.PLAYARENA.RO !

We are at the beginning, but any beginning will have a culmination in the future!

We are looking for mature, responsible staff, people able to communicate and together to start a new beautiful family, the family CSGO.PLAYARENA.RO !

Everyone is welcome, everyone learns from mistakes, we focus on communication and respect!

The requirements are very simple:

  • The minimum age must be at least 14 years.
  • Knowledge of our (server) policy
  • Each admin, in a short time, no matter how much, even 10-20 minutes played on the server, at that time to take care of the good approach of the server, because we understand: work / school / personal problems, respect is first loc.
  • Activity on Teamspeak / Discord because through them we communicate, we also have our discord server where we can meet and where we can establish new friends, our place where we can say goodbye, where we can joke, where we can feel good!


Model for posting:

  1. Real name:
  2. Nick on the server:
  3. Your real age:
  4. Amx experience:
  5. Do you agree with our requirements ? :
  6. How much time can you spend on the server?
  7. Steam ( ON/OFF):
  8. Secret word from the rules:
  9. Do you use whatsapp (Yes or No)
  10. Can you have a decent Teamspeak / Discord / Forum / Server activity?:
  11. What is the reason you want admin? (The answer to be detailed)



We are waiting for you with open arms, we are at the beginning, but it will be a long-term project! We are waiting for a reply to the post, and one of us will take care of it! Follow the model!

Age is just a number, we don't make a difference, mentality also matters for our character! Our server is not to have certain benefits from it, it is to spend our free time in a pleasant and relaxing game and to make new friends! Thank you !


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Posted (edited)

Gerçek reklam: kerem

Sunucudaki Nick: Sirius

Gerçek yaşınız: 14

Amx deneyimi: az 

Gereksinimlerimize katılıyor musunuz? : evet 

Sunucuda ne kadar zaman geçirebilirsiniz? 4-8 saat 

Buhar (AÇIK / KAPALI): kapalı

Kurallardan gizli kelime: 

Whatsapp kullanıyor musunuz (Evet veya Hayır) hayır

İyi bir Teamspeak / Discord / Forum / Sunucu etkinliğiniz olabilir mi ?: Evet

Yönetici istemenizin sebebi nedir? (Ayrıntılı cevap verilecek) cs 1.6 yı seviyorum csgo clasyy serverlerinide seviyorum oyuncular bazen yardım istiyorlar bende yardım edebileceğini düşünüyorum ayrıca sunucuda türk bir adminin olması türk oyunclar için iyi olacaktır


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