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Din 2015 până în prezent reușim să demonstrăm cu fiecare ocazie cum ne deosebim de restul comunităților și că ne dorim să evoluăm din ce în ce mai mult pe zi ce trece !

Suntem în
căutare de staff

Dorești să faci parte din echipa noastră ? Consideri că ești suficient de experimentat încât să moderezi propria secțiune ? Depune o cerere și alătură-te nouă !


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  1. Rejected. Read the rules and come back after 1 week if you want.
  2. Hello, Together with @NsN we started a new project, the project CSGO.PLAYARENA.RO ! We are at the beginning, but any beginning will have a culmination in the future! We are looking for mature, responsible staff, people able to communicate and together to start a new beautiful family, the family CSGO.PLAYARENA.RO ! Everyone is welcome, everyone learns from mistakes, we focus on communication and respect! The requirements are very simple: The minimum age must be at least 14 years. Knowledge of our (server) policy Each admin, in a short time, no matter
  3. ADDED: Bomb defuse When one of the CT will defuse the ct will be like in the photo.
  4. LycaNiaN

    Cerere dns

    Numele Dorit: HAOS.PLAYARENA.RO Numarul de sloturi: 32 IP & Port: Modul de joc: Classic Contact Detinator / Destinatori server: @Culea Numele firmei unde este gazduit serverul: neoserver Link GT (Game-Tracker): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  5. Read the rules for admins, come back with new ppst when you read them, you will see why i.
  6. Rejected. Next time complete the model properly.
  7. Accepted. Pm with nick and password.
  8. Accepted. PM with nick and password.
  9. Max level is 31 You need level 5 for upgrade skins. You need level 10 for MVP Tracks When you reach level 10 you will receive he grenade. You need level 15 for Agents System For each kill made you receive 2xp. For each kill made, when you are GOLD VIP you receive 3xp. For each headshot kill made you receive 3xp. For each headshot kill made, when you are GOLD VIP you receive 4xp. For each kill made with knife you receive 4xp. For each kill made with knife, when you are GOLD VIP you receive 4xp. For each kill made with he gren
  10. ADDED Agents System Models of csgo players with money from the csgo classy v2. Settings System Now you can find Settings on the last page on the menu. Level System More information here(click)
  11. CHANGED Hud system The position of the hud has been changed. More information has been added. Skins Some skins have been changed
  12. ADDED VOTE MOD - COMPETITIVE AND CASUAL In the first seconds of the map, a vote will appear where the game mode will be chosen, competitive or casual. The competitive mode consists of 15 rounds for the terrorist team and 15 rounds for the counter-terrorist team. The casual mode consists in setting the playing time 25 minutes on the respective map. PICK UP GUNS LIKE IN CSGO You can raise the weapon from the ground by pressing the E key on your keyboard. AUTOMATIC VOTEMAP FOR CASUAL MOD In the last minutes of the game on casual mode, a
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