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Din 2015 până în prezent reușim să demonstrăm cu fiecare ocazie cum ne deosebim de restul comunităților și că ne dorim să evoluăm din ce în ce mai mult pe zi ce trece !

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căutare de staff

Dorești să faci parte din echipa noastră ? Consideri că ești suficient de experimentat încât să moderezi propria secțiune ? Depune o cerere și alătură-te nouă !


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  1. Hello, you are suspended, you do not have to apply for admin again as it does not help you. Rejected, Closed topic
  2. Acceptat. Astept pm cu user si pass.
  3. O sa primesti unban. T/C
  4. NsN


    This topic is informative for all server admins. After reading the topic, you need to like this post to confirm reading it. All admins have 24h to read and like (exceptions are those who have announced their inactivity). Those admins who do not read and like the post will receive -1. As it says in the admin rules, commands like say, tsay etc are for announces, not for your crap. Consequences: Warning, -1 or Remove (Depending on the case) Server maps from now on will change like this: Use amx_votemapmenu After the result of the vote appe
  5. This is the list of ranks and kills required for each rank. "SILVER I" "0" "SILVER II" "50" "SILVER III" "100" "SILVER IV" "150" "SILVER ELITE" "200" "SILVER ELITE MASTER" "250" "GOLD NOVA I" "350" "GOLD NOVA II" "750" "GOLD NOVA III" "1150" "GOLD NOVA MASTER" "1550" "MASTER GUARDIAN I" "2000" "MASTER GUARDIAN II" "2850" "MASTER GUARDIAN ELITE" "3700" "DISTINGUISHED MASTER GUARDIAN" "4000" "LEGENDARY EAGLE" "4600" "LEGENDARY EAGLE MASTER" "5200" "SUPREME MASTER FIRST CLASS" "6000" "THE GLOBAL ELITE" "8000" With respect, @STAFF CS.PLAY
  6. This is the list with all the skins on our server. All skins can be StatTrack and you can collect a maximum of 5 from each skin! "NR" "Skin name" "Chest - d / Scraps - c" " % is rar" "Minimum price for sell" "1" "AK-47|Wild Lotus" "c" "99" "1675" "2" "AK-47|The Empress" "c" "99" "1500" "3" "AK-47|Fire Serpent" "d" "99" "1500" "4" "AK-47|Legion of Anubis" "c" "99" "1750" "5" "AK-47|Jet Set" "c" "99" "2100" "6" "AK-47|Vulcan" "d" "98" "1000" "7" "AK-47|Bloodsport" "c" "97" "1250" "8" "AK-47|Asiimov" "c" "98" "1350" "9" "AK-47|Elite Build" "d" "77" "125" "10" "AK-47|Ca
  7. Conditions / Rules for your request to be considered: * At least 20 hours spent on our server. * The title of the request must be: [CS] Tag Request "Nick". * Your request must fit the following model. * You can make only a single request within 30 days. TAG Request Model: * Your nickname: * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin😞 * The tag you want: * Have you ever had a tag before on our server: * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?:
  8. Acccepted, pm with user and pass. T/C
  9. Every admin will need to create own topic with all bans gived! Name topic: [CS] BanList "NICK ADMIN" * Name: * IP: * SteamID (if exist) : * Time: * Reason: * Proofs (print/demo) : Note: The Admins who have a good BanList and implication for Server / Forum (important), will be noted here and take into consideration for feture plans. This note is very important.
  10. If you think as one admin make abuse, open an new topic with the name: [CS] Complaint ''Nick Admin'' Before to open a complaint, you need to know as: * The complaints are made only if the admins abuse or behave inappropriately. * Complaints are NOT made for reasons like slay / gag / kick / ban 120 minutes. except when the admins use these commands for no reason. * If you receive ban permanently on the server and you think as the admin don't have proofs, don't make complaint, go to the Unban Request Category Model for complain: * Nic
  11. Conditions / Rules for unban requests: You must have a proof, otherwise the request will be declined. You must respect the following model. The title of the request must be: [CS] Unban request "Nickname" The sites for upload are: - For screenshots: http://postimage.org/ - For demo: http://zippyshare.com/ Unban request model: Your nickname: Your IP ( https://whatismyipaddress.com/): Your STEAM ID: The reason why you got banned: The admin who banned you: Approximate time when you got banned:
  12. Remember these things: The server rules must be read and known before making the admin request! The minimum age for admin is 14 years! To be ACCEPTED you must have at least 10 hours on the server! If one of the founders of the server ( @NsN ) responds to the request with REJECTED, you will only be able to make the next request in 1 week. The application titled must be "[CS] - Request Name(YOUR NAME)" After you have been accepted you must send the name and password to the founder who accepted your request. You need to know the secret word from o
  13. SLOT APPLICATION MODEL: * Nick: * Steam profile link: * Hours of gameplay: INFO! To get Slot Acces you must have at least 5 h played on server. The topic title must be like this: [CS] Slot Application "Nick"
  14. NsN

    [CS] General Rules

    [VERSIUNEA RO] Este interzisă folosirea oricărui tip de soft ce îţi oferă un avantaj faţă de ceilalţi jucători - se sancţionează cu ban temporar până la permanent Este interzisă folosirea unui limbaj "colorat" pe server, discuţiile politice, religioase sau cu tentă sexuală se discută în privat, în caz contrar gag până la ban temporar Jignirea altor jucători de pe server, indiferent de gradul de rudenie/prietenie, este interzisă, în caz contrar gag Când sunteţi zombie, indiferent de mod, trebuie să atacaţi - slap urmat de slay Nu se acceptă free/team - slay urmat d
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