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      Categoria anunțurilor de interes general, în această a categorie va fi prezent regulamentul si tot ce ține de administrarea comunității PlayArena România.

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      Informaţii, noutăţi şi reclamaţii legate de echipa administrativă a forumului; tot aici puteţi aplica și pentru un loc în echipa PlayArena România dar şi să vă prezentaţi.

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      Aici găsiți toate informațiile necesare pentru afilierea unui server sau deschiderea unui server în comunitatea PlayArena România. 

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      Cele mai bune Servere si cel mai bun staff se afla in lista de mai jos, Dedicatia si pasiunea a facut din aceste servere sa fie in Topul gamingului din Romania. Comunitatea PLAYARENA va ajuta in tot ce aveti nevoie, pentru configurare servere si gasirea unui staff capabil. 

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      Designul este un cuvânt de origine engleză care înseamnă proiect, desen (de concepție), schiță (de concepție). Folosirea termenului în domeniul desenului liber (artă) este forțată și deci nerecomandată.

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      Această categorie este dedicată vieței cotidiene de zi cu zi. Puteți regăsii de la știri și articole sportive până la informații de cultură generală cât și informații din industria automobilă.

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      Cele mai recente melodii, anime , filme și seriale ; tutoriale , știri și multe altele legate de IT .

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      Topicurile / mesajele care nu respecta regulamentul acestui forum vor fi mutate aici.



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    • Zp.PLayArena.ro @                                                           Contents Regulation   * Rule number 1: don't forget to follow all the rules * Rule number 2: admins do not play for rank! * Rule number 3: respect and you will be respected!                                                            Introducing Server Rules   1: Gag. ¤ Players Who Continuously Spam Will Receive Gag .(6 min) ¤ Players Who Keep on Asking For Ammo/Mods/Jetpack Will Receive (Warning before) Gag. (6 min) ¤ Players Who Insult Must Receive Gag.(6 min) ¤ Players Who Abuse in English or Any Other Language Must Receive Gag.(6 min)   2: Slap. ¤ Players Who Are Under Map. (Maximum 3 Slap) ¤ Zombies Who Are Camping To Extend The Round. (Warning 3 Slap Next Slay) ¤ The Last Survivor/Human Who Not Hide in Mods And Normal Infection Will Be Slaped. (Next Slay)     3: Slay. ¤ Players Who Block or Zombies Which Camp Will Receive Slay. ¤ If Someone Buys Nemesis And Kills Everyone But Protects An Enemy, Receives Slay. ¤ Giving Free in Armageddon Round With Nemesis is Not Allowed And Will Be Followed By Slay. ¤ It's Also Given To Those Who Shoots And Even Destroys Other Persons lm. ¤ The Last Survivor/Humans Who Not Hide After Being Slapped 3 Times in Mods And Normal Infection Will Be Slayed. ¤In armageddon mode, nemesis afk or free is not accepted! ¤ It is not allowed to retry zombie / human etc -> Slay     4: Freeze. ¤ If Zombies Don't Attack in Mods (Plague , Nightmare , Sniper , Survivor, Swarm) ¤ If Zombies Camp in Water They Receive Freeze   5: Ban. ¤ Players Who Retry After Gag Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Are Using m5 When They Are Zombie Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Retry As Last Zombie Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Player Who Change Model For Fooling Others Ban.(60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Use Hacks/Scrips Will Receive Ban (99999 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Advertise For Other Servers Gets Ban. (Permanent)   6: Destroy. ¤ Players Who Insult God/Religion/Any Part of The Family. ¤ Players Who Are in The Blacklist/Banned For Using Hacks/Reconnect After Temporary Ban.   7: Vote map. ¤ It's Not Allowed To Use This Command For A Map That Has Been Played Before. ¤ If You Want To Votemap First Talk With Your Admins Colleagues. ¤ After The Default Vote Of The Server Talk With Your Colleagues If You Are Going To Keep The Map Or Choose Another. ¤ Don't Change The Map Like You Want, Always Start A Vote For The Players And Make A Vote With Maps For The Right Quantity Of Players. ¤ It's not Allowed To Use Votemap In The Middle Of The Map Time.   8: Zp_Human & Zp_Respawn & Zp_Zombie. ¤ Commands Such as Zp Human,Zp Zombie,Zp Respawn Can Be Used Only if The Current Mode is Normal infection. ¤ Admins Must Choose One of These Commands 1 per Day.      9: Zp_Nemesis & Zp_Assassin. ¤ Commands Zp_nemesis, Zp_assassin Can Be used 1 In 24 Hours.  ¤ If An Admin Has Given A Player Nemesis/Assassin Mod , You Are Not Allowed To Give Again To That Person Nemesis/Assassin Mod.     10: Zp_Sniper & Zp_Survivor. ¤ Admins Are Not Allowed To use zp sniper, zp survivor. ¤ These Commands Can Be Used Only For Founders ¤ From Moderator  up you are not allowed to buy way sniper or survivor. Only if it gives you the server. ¤ In Survivor vs zombie mode, jetpack and laser are allowed! ¤ In Sniper vs zombie mode laser -> slay is not allowed !   11: Zp_Jetpack. ¤ Can Be Used Only After 2 Rounds Have Passed Since The Map Started.   12: Zp_giveap. ¤ Don't use zp_Giveap Up Than 100 in The Map or you will Be Downgraded/Removed. This command it's avalaible only For Co_owner ¤ More Than 100 Ammo Can be used only by Founders & Owners to give ammo to the players. ¤ Do not use them for your own benefit.   Punishments : If An Admin Abuses These Commands He Gets Suspended 3 Day.   Important Notes: ¤ It is forbidden to use any kind of hacks/scripts. ¤ It is forbidden to ask mods/Jp/Ammo from Players. ¤ You are not allowed to use command on other admins only owners/co-owners can use it. If something get wrong with admin, report him. ¤ Admin which used zp for himself must take big care for the rules ! the best is to use zp on players in order to help the server ! ¤ Admins who don't post their bans in banlist will be given a warning at first ,if they continue they will be suspended for 5 day's. ¤ Managers must let open the topics for request admin/report admin etc... for a minimum of 24 hours! ¤ Managers have to publish on the forum their Add, Upgrades, Downgrades, Removes for any "Admin/Player". ¤ If you want to ban a player and you are not sure try to contact a higher rank! ¤ Admins Is Not Allowed To Stay In Spectators, You Can Stay Afk When You Don't Play. ¤ Admins who did not read the Rules ! : Go Read it ! Because any small mistake you are doing can get you Suspended Then Removed !         In order to obtain your admin write in your request this: 19mai ¤ Admins must be Active in ts3 or FORUM! ! : Necessary for your upgrade if you don't want Downgrade ! Because players need help and they want to know about how to be admin ! ¤ Admins must check forum and TS on a daily basis and help the server or they will be downgraded/removed. They must be active or AFK in night and morning night time if they want upgrades or keep the high grades. For Accepted Admin Request All Members Have To Put This Pass/Key In  Admin Request : MyZp63 ¤ Good English is compulsory! ¤ The access of admin needs ensuring the security for it and this implies keeping the password a secret known only by yourselves and owners.   RULES FOR ADMINISTRATORS Administrators have to use the same Nickname in Server as on Forum account. All Administrators must respect each other. Its strictly forbidden to ask for jetpacks/ammo from Players. Its forbidden to use the command votemap if majority of the Admins have not agreed with you. Its forbidden to use the commands slap/slay/kick/freeze for your own benefit in the game. Its forbidden to use the commands slap/slay/kick/freeze if the Player didn't break any rule. Its forbidden to use the zp commands in the first 2 rounds. Its forbidden to ask other Administrators why they used command on some Player. If you think they're wrong or abusive, report them! Administrators are allowed to go in SPEC only if they suspect some Player is hacking. Its forbidden to use any punish command on other Admins. Only Founders, Owners, Co-Owners & Pre-Managers are allowed to do it! ALL Administrators are forbidden to use zp_sniper & zp_survivor. You Must Create Your Own Banlist & Post every ban you do it otherways you will be Suspended / Removed All Admins must change bad/large maps when less then 25 players are in the server with small nice maps !      RULES FOR MANAGERS Only Founders and Bosses are allowed to use the command zp_ammo. Otherwise will receive suspend for 7 days - then remove! Managers have to wait at least 24 hours before closing the request for an Admin. (That includes Managers should vote also) Managers have to wait at least 24 hours before closing the report topic. - Administrator who is reported has 24 hours to reply and defend himself, if he doesn't reply inside 24 hours, Managers can take a decision without explanation. Managers ( Founders/ boss ) must use amx_addfake 2 when server is not full - only they are allowed to kick bots  also! If an admin requests remove he will receive directly, if he wants back will start from helper.
    • Rezolvat, Daca mai ai nevoie de ceva adaugat/scos/editat nu ezita sa dai reply aici!
    • Categorie facuta de acum 5 ore, am uitat sa dau reply:)
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